Why should you visit India

In the words of Kel Squire, works at Bulgaria


India is not a destination to simply enjoy; India is a destination for learning. To enjoy the challenge is to enjoy India. Many come to the Subcontinent in search for this magic, and what these searchers do with their findings results in whether they love or hate the experience - and many love and hate India at the same time. She is a confusing place. Whether the lessons be of life, the world, human beings or of self, India forces one to confront some hard and uncomfortable truths.

During the struggle to survive India, you will surely be offered a valuable gift; an enhancement of understanding of the relationship between you and the supposed world you live in. She is a smack in the face that leaves you, either: 1) stimulated by the opportunity for pursuit of self-growth and discovery of the world’s wisdoms, or 2) leaves you with a foul, selfish taste in your mouth. That all depends on you. That nasty taste is what people wish not to encounter – it is the wall of the inner unconscious. It is the barrier for distancing and protecting oneself from the harshness of the world; the protective layer that prevents your own bubble from breaking. Not only does India bring forth the existence of outright suffering, but she also puts ‘little you’ on display for the whole world to see. India submerges you into the depths and your weaknesses float to the surface. She is a Titanic. And either way, her gift is an extreme medicine, nonetheless.

India highlights that life is both beautiful and disastrous, and the comfortable foreigner does not want to acknowledge that – they prefer to see only rose petals and feathered pillows. The real world is built on the concept of suffering, but the comfortable person does his best to avoid even the very thought of this centric inconvenience. He has been disconnected for so long that he does not know what to do with such an ugly truth. India momentarily damages the comfortable person’s soul and forces him to encounter feelings and emotions that he has always tried to hide, control and manipulate. When in India, there is no room for self-deceit; you are thrown into dark, unknown territory, and with all exposed for the heaving crowds to see, you have no choice but to come face to face with the world, learn to exist with it, and maybe, hopefully, have a tea part with it. India teaches that knowing the deeper truths of the world will be your wisdom, not knowing it will, eventually, be your downfall.

India is a destination that reflects all basic realities. Whether you are ready or not, she thrusts the world’s brutal truths onto you. If you are not open to her, she will have you for dinner. She is uninterested in your self-preservation and your ego. She will not be lenient on you because of who you are, and whether you are ‘this’ or ‘that’, for she is an educated and honest land. When in India, you cannot hide from her, because she will be sure to rock the waters to remind you that you are present. She offers hard lessons that are to be heard, learnt, heart-felt and cherished. If you left India with noisy internal bitterness, then you know you have not understood the truths she has shown you. If you left with a quiet contentment, then you know that her energy will someday draw you back. Lay yourself in front of her, bare-naked on the floor, as you will never really understand her, and submit to her greatness, for She is one fine teacher.

Just my thoughts :)

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“India is the cradle of human race, birthplace of human speech, mother of history, grandmother of legend, and great-grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most attractive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only”